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Two new Diver Down Galleries have been posted up at verge-rpg.com, with screenshots that differ from the usual rotation. One of the galleries is a general game promo showing off a lot of fullscreen art cels, and the other lists and describes all the main characters in the game. Check them out.



Diver Down has been packaged with PCZone magazine! The name is mentioned in the mag as being the only game in the Freeplay section, and the game is included on the DVD that comes with it.

Yes friends, the description of the game is "An indie RPG notable for its intricate and atypical storyline." I've been getting a steady barrage of Diver Down emails and this should definitely add to that traffic.



Thanks to all the happy Diver Down fans!

As a reminder, if you get stuck somewhere in the game you can check the FAQ on this website. Also, there are two bug workarounds listed at the bottom of that page if you are having trouble. If you need a more specific answer, you can always try posting at the verge-rpg.com forums. And finally, you can always email me.



Diver Down – originální a stylové RPG

Umm, yeh, a new review! It says Diver Down "vydala na kvalitní film" and also that "je v první ?ad? hra ne?ekan? originální se skv?le vypráv?ným".

Hmm, well I understand the 8/10 at least! Thanks Tomáš Kraj?a!

Also, GamezWorld.de too. But I have Babelfish for German right?
Peace, joy and leckere egg cakes prevailed in the world in the Diver down play. But as it is to be different: A continent sinks in the waves of the war and our hero is in in the middle the disputes two of Laendereien. After an explosion waked up, remembers "Drek" neither to its past nor to its task... In the course of the play piece is brought to one of the important elements for piece light in the dark and as should it different be, is our hero for the settlement of the war. Graphically Diver reminds the detail falling in loveness down of classical console games of roles, unfortunately is not particularly present, the sound suitably for it succeeded and does not offer thus at least pleasing for the player ears. One steers with the cursor keys as well as ALTO -, space -, Enter and b-key. The fights in the play run off round-based and bring points of experience as well as money, completely console RPG typically evenly;D. Even if the screen SHOT brings little similarity with itself, Diver down was not developed with the RPG Maker. A Runtimepackage is thus not necessary. Note: At first the play appears a little too darkly, none fears for, already short time offers later the play illuminating in the wahrsten sense of the word.
Hmm. Not enough rpgs these days are daring enough to focus on eggcakes. But Diver Down is too groundbreaking to worry about being politically correct.

Also, BEST REVIEW EVER! What's actually pretty cool is that 10 users rated the game at 9/10.

In REAL news, there may be a workaround to the resolution-crash (mine dungeon crash bug) in the game. What the game is trying to do is double the resolution from 320x240 to 640x480, and that seems to crap out on some old video cards. If you go into your winv2.cfg file and play with the resolution settings you can maybe workaround this issue until you pass the two puzzle rooms and set things back to normal. 640x480 didn't seem to work for people, but one player got it to work at 720x480. Go figure, but I'm looking into this and will post more later.



There was a mean bug where if you completed certain Act 3 objectives before you sat down for a meal and decided to perform those objectives you would be screwed. There is a patch available on the FAQ page for this. You don't need to download this unless you are having the specific problem listed there. Sorry for any aggravation this may have caused.

The full game download will not fix this issue because the patch is more of a hack that is untested, and the issue only arises in rare cases. Seeing as how I've never heard about this bug until practically a year after release, I thought this best.



Diver Down is now listed on Ytanium. This is a cool new freeware game site that prefers quality over quantity, and they really do have some good looking games listed over there. They awarded DD a 4 out of 5. Check them out.



Diver Down is now listed on GameHippo. CaptainD is on staff there and put up his review, rating the game 9 out of 10. The user ratings are pretty steady at a bit above 8, with overall positive comments like:
- "Brilliant piece of RPG work."
- "...this is not like the other freeware rpgs you've played."
- "...the story was possibly the best story in any game I have ever played, freeware or not."
- "im stuck in the beginning where u have to find the blue jay and get the egg ive went to the tree left to the elders house then to tree at the right of his house then i find the bird in the house then im stuck there the bird flies south and im lost."
Heh heh.

The exposure Diver Down has gotten because of this is great. 3500+ downloads from this site alone! Thanks for the props and emails!

Speaking of emails, I added some questions I get asked frequently to the FAQ (imagine that). So if you're stuck check it out.



CaptainD wrote a great interview of Diver Down that you can read here. He breaks the game down into different categories for those wanting more insight into the details.



Home of the Underdogs recently filed Diver Down within its pages. They gave it Top Dog honors, a tag that "signifies a truly remarkable classic." What's more, user reviews are holding steady at 8+ out of 10. The community at RPGDX has been similarly kind, with ratings averaging at 9 out of 10. In one short month after release Diver Down climbed to the second highest rated game ever on RPGDX.

Many thanks to all the websites that support the game and to the fans who love it.



JustRPG added an interview of me today, that you can read here. Thanks to Jonas Kyratzes again.



Thanks to everyone who's been sending me good feedback on Diver Down. I appreciate reading it.

I added more to the community section, including a great JustRPG article featuring a couple of indie games (guess what one of them is?). Many thanks to Jonas Kyratzes for taking the time to write that up.

On another note, the news archive has been down for a while. I got it back up and running but the formatting of the web pages changed and the text is black on a black background, among other things. It's barely readable now but I'll try and get things ironed out within a month or so.



A couple of years ago I posted a Diver Down preview on the now-defunct vergesource and metro drew up a nice hi-res set of wallpaper for the Christmas season. Since Diver Down was recently released and it IS that time of the year, I decided I may as well rerelease these to the fans. The picture above is only a teaser, for the full image, download here.



Oops! In the version I put on the web page a few days ago, I accidentally left an experimental hi-res mode on. You most likely will have problems on a lower end machine if you don't fix this, and in any case - the game's not fully tested in eagle (2xsai) mode.

Go into the winv2.cfg file (with notepad) and look at the number next to 'eagle'. If it is a 1, change it to a 0. Save the file, and that's it! The game will get much better performance and run at the true 320x240 it was intended. Sorry about the mix up.

The download file on this site has been fixed, so if you haven't downloaded yet you have nothing to worry about.



The fixed versions of Diver Down are now out. Thanks for putting up with and reporting the bugs with the windows version. If you download the game now, you will not need any patches. I'll leave the patch links below active until everyone has a chance to get them. Savegames are 100% compatible between the last and current versions (although dos and windows are not interchangeable).



All the Diver Down bugs that have been reported to me are (allegedly) fixed. Right now the full game downloads do NOT yet incorporate these new patches, because I'm waiting on a new exe I'll get tomorrow. So whether you are downloading anew or already have the game, you need these patches for now.

The windows patch fixes a memory sequence crash, and entity animation (sliding block puzzle, castle guard chase hang up, etc.). There was also an issue with vaccine not being permanent that has been fixed. HOWEVER, the menu crash issue (being able to open multiple menus and crashing when closing them) is not corrected in this patch. There is an exe workaround at the verge-rpg.com general discussion boards that can fix this issue, but this EXE will rebreak entities. I advise you just be careful in menus for now. I'll have a new exe (updated win patch) tomorrow that fixes both issues at the same time. So the worst case is you wait a day :).

The dos patch probably isn't needed, but it corrects the same code the windows version does, and should display more consistent entity animation.

Guys, thanks for putting up with these troubles as there's no way I have the resources to test Diver Down on all these machines. PLEASE, if you download these patches, PLEASE let me know if they work or if they do not resolve the issue for you. A quick email would be best.

Thanks - and look for news about corrected full versions soon.



There are a couple bugs with the windows version, and one with both. Workarounds for menu-crashing, entity-weirdness, and a memory sequence crash are all listed on the verge-rpg.com general discussion board. Full fixes will be out soon. If you want to wait until this game is bulletproof before downloading it, just give Diver Down a week.



Diver Down is fully released, with an updated dos version, and the full Windows version! Download at your pleasure. I updated the manual.txt with more info. Have fun!



Good news folks! It looks like you won't have to wait too much longer for a windows version of Diver Down. Just sit tight and be a little more patient, and before you know it, it'll be released and kickin' your butt.



As announced, as promised, the first ever v2 rpg finished meets the first ever realistic deadline.


vecna made HUGE strides today overcoming some of the winv2 bugs. Everything's not quite 100% compatible, but if we can get to 99% with no show-stoppers we'll be happy.

Sorry for those looking for an early release, but I got class at 9am and still wanna see how far this winv2 fix comes along. But metro sent me his final words about the project and I thought posting them here might tide you over.


9:08 PM 10/30/03

i read hendrick's thank you on the blog and felt compelled to do so.

well, i still can't believe that diver down is finished, and by finished, i mean story-wise, game engine wise, graphics wise [*01] (see point 1 down the page)... the whole nine yards.

i expressed interest in helping grenideer on the game when he released the last version of his public demo on verge-rpg.com - i think that was back in 1999? (help me here gren). i was in the process of making a game myself, but soon desisted due to the scope of game design, and by my all too ambitious ideas. I decided to help anyone else who had a stable project running along.. which leads me here to helping gren make art for diver down. and was it fun.

i was most productive in 2000-2001.. again, help me out here gren - it's been so long, so much has happened, i don't remember when i made those act 1 ending pics! anyway, gren asked me to make an ending cut-scene for chapter one. so i had this really elaborate idea for the ending, but due to time constraints, some shots were removed and reused as a compromise. but somehow, gren managed to put them together anyway while i was "exiled" to Africa (literally.. ;)) and i STILL haven't been able to see it! so much for Windows XP..

My pixel art has improved greatly while working on diver down. i mostly worked on the ending shots of the first chapter of the project - pixel art, or should i widen the topic to animation, is a time-consuming process where time = quality; there's just no way you can make character art look good without dedicating time regularly, unless you are going for a sketch, unfinished style, for example.

soon after i joined, hendrick joined too. i saw how hendrick's art progressed - it's really amazing. we should put all the production art together and release it, like a bonus dvd presenting production notes and behind the scenes stuff, people would definitely appreciate the work more. it was great to know another artist was working on the project for me to psychologically remove myself from the duty of having to redo all the art, if that were going to happen.. which, ideally, should happen sometime in the future.. what do you think gren? ;)

working with grenideer has been a great experience. he knows limits, what he can and cannot do, and when enough is enough. a committed individual (gee.. this is beginning to sound like a letter of recommendation!). an example of this is that you're probably reading this txt file with the finished game. need i say more? gren is a great person, an understated asset to the verge community, and mostly, to the indie rpg scene. Even though i only know him as an online persona, i only get good vibes - this dude knows where it's at! :)

so that's it. play the game. enjoy the work. spread the word. diver down is a great game. and it was a labor of love.

so long,


this last part is a slight overstatement, but the fact remains that diver down was mainly a one man driven project, and excelling at every aspect of game design, especially art (an entirely different discipline), is not something, well, ordinary. this isn't to say that gren is ordinary - he's brilliant! but considering the length of the game, making consistent 'good' art for this project is difficult, also considering the rarity of finding artists willing to contribute their art as well, which makes the task even more trying. from my point of view as an artist, this game could benefit from a total visual make over. the overall feel of diver down is dark, bleak, gothic and even sarcastic at times - there's no better way to convey these elements to an audience without proper graphic art, especially, in my opnion, when it comes to game design. it can also be conveyed via the dialogue, which i commend gren for his excellent writing skills! the dialogue in diver down is highly believeable and strongly contributes to the overall feel of the game. it also plays a central role in communicating the story, which is not as epic as you might think yet equally and perhaps more interesting, which i personally find refreshing. drek, the protagonist, doesn't seem to be the type to save the world anyhow, hehe.




A pretty productive day, but more fortunate than anything else. vecna is gonna help me try and get a winv2 version released sooner than later. metro, who's been out of touch for too long, just emailed me. I wanted to get in touch with him to include some stuff in the release.

As far as the game, well, I got a little greedy and decided to make the last boss harder. So although the game WAS finished, I added a few special attacks to the monster arsenal. But don't fear, the game is still done. It's just more done now.

I got the complete source compiling under the winv2 version, and cut out any unneccesary files to prepare the zip. All I need to actually release is to add a couple small text files and pack the loose files so players won't have access to the goods. Don't worry, it'll be open source, though.


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