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I started the project alone and came up with the concept. The entire story and design are mine, as well as the world and characters. All the code in the game was written by me. A lot of the basic art elements are mine as well, although this would consist of the bad stuff. I function as the project lead and basically fill in with anything else. If something needs doing, it's likely that I'll do it. Diver Down is my baby.


The lead artist and the first who joined me on the project to officially make it a team. He mainly works on the art cels and has his own cool style that gives Diver Down a great atmosphere. Some of the tiles have been redone by him and he's done most of the speech and status portraits. He contributes a lot of other art pieces to the project including monsters, menus, and more. It's been a great inspiration having him help with my vision and I don't know where Diver Down would be now without him.


Another great artist who signed on the team not too long after Metro and had a great desire to see this game through. His main work has been in the areas of speech portraits and tiles, but has also branched off into some event art cels. He also has a knack for drawing up great monsters.



Xmark: composed the Diver Down original theme song
Miggle: actually joined the team to help out with FMV clips but only finished a short one. Unfortunately I had to cut it from the game because of technical limitations and flow.
Choris: a couple of sprites and tiles
Drackyn: a sprite frame


Vecna: for starting the whole verge thing and supporting my game
Aen: for continuing support with v2
theSpeedBump: for more support and getting people's butts in gear
Firewarrior, Prince Paul, and Ear: for code ideas and implementation
and all the trackers, especially Tarantula, who's music I've used


Ace 1.0 -- written by Ric Lau
verge-rpg / vergesource / modarchive / littlemusicclub
Drakan- ripped wavs
Omikron- ripped wavs
Phantasy Star 4 and the web- ripped mons (unfortunately I had to remix a few monsters)


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