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It's too hard to get money!!

Jeez, for once in your life you play an rpg where you don't have a million gold pieces more than you need and you start crying. Yes, chitiks are a valuable commodity on Minduul and they don't come easy. With the difficulty of battles it is hard to make money while spending it at the same time. Try alternate methods to getting rich. Helping out townspeople can be rewarding. Also, secrets and optional quests usually prove very helpful to your purse.


The battles are too hard!!

All I can say is that the tools to succeed are there. Are all your party members wearing the best gear they can buy? Are you stocked up on healing potions? This isn't as hard as you think as long as you implement careful planning. And remember, running usually succeeds :).

Jea has too little vigor!!

Yup, she's a magic-type. Obviously you want to try to level her up a bit quick. Remember to max out her defense. There are items to raise vigor too. Her rockwall is a valuable skill - don't ignore it. Every battle she stays alive is one that she raises in experience.


What do I do with the dungeon key in the beginning of the game?

No, you can't use it on any of the prison cells. Go back up to the level you started on. Use the key on the portcullis next to the fire. Drek will go back to where he was before, but now the lights are on!

How do I get the horse?

Find and pick grass on the level (at the far right of the map) and feed it to one of the horses. Check the bags next to the horses AFTER this and you'll find a saddle to use.

How do I get the bluebird egg?

This one is a fan favorite :). After you activate the quest by talking to Anja's wife and walking into the bluebird, you chase it down to a tree. Walk around the tree until you scare it out (it'll chirp to let you know you're close to it). The bluebird flies to the tree to the left of the elder's house, then the one to the right. After that it flies up, BUT instead of flying into a tree it flies into an open window in the top-right house. The door's locked, but knocking on it will scare the bird out, and end the quest. Of course, you still need to 'talk' to the bartender to find out who lives there (which will cost you 100 chitiks) and then round up 400 chitiks to get the girl to let you in.

I don't know how to make the handbomb for Jherga.

Most of the ingredients are fairly straightforward to find. Most of the confusion for this quest is because it is hard to find the supple bag. In the kitchen room there is a sack lying on one of the counters. Bring the ingredients to it and use them.

Those sleeping guards wake up and put the hurt on me!.

These two rooms are stealth rooms. The guards sleeping in the beds are facing four directions (up, down, left, right) and you need to sneak past them without crossing their line of sight. So think of these rooms as mazes with invisible walls. If you walk into a wall, you'll get in a fight and will probably not live. Don't go that way again.

The block puzzle in the Cruxen Mines is impossible!!

There is only one solution, and it is a bit hard. Remember that other blocks can be used as obstructions to stop one from sliding as well. Also, save in that room and reload for a quick reset of the blocks.

Where is the lady who sells desert masks?

I'll just say that to cross the Weeping Sands, you have two options. One: find the lady and buy desert masks. This will keep the sandstorm from damaging the party, but replacing defensive headgear with desert masks will adversely affect your stats. Two: you can forget about the masks and cross the desert with a bunch of healing supplies. Either way is fine.


This skill sucks!!

Many of the skills in the game have very important roles. Boosting-type skills are very effective when fighting longer battles, like bosses. Also, a good amount of skills get better as the will of the character gets better. Bandage will consistently heal more per level. Rockwall will have a greater chance of remaining up. You have the power to raise will sometimes through charms or items.


Which version should I download?

If you have WinXP, definitely go for the Windows version. But with Win9x, there are cases where the DOS version may work better for you. If you notice some weirdness when starting to play, possibly consider trying the other version.

What's the difference between the DOS and Windows versions of the game?

Diver Down was developed under the DOS version, so some gameplay aspects probably play better with it. Just minor stuff, like the timing of entity movement during events, etc. The Windows version, however, is leaps and bounds more stable as the engine won't crash like the DOS version. It's system requirements are heavier, though. So the average player will probably want the Windows version to avoid frustrating crashes.

Are save files compatible between the two versions?

No. Swapping save files between the Windows and DOS versions will not work.


Cruxen Mine Crash

In the abandoned mine there are two puzzle rooms that attempt to double the game's resolution from 320x240 to 640x480. Some older machines have video cards that crash when this triggers. There is a workaround to this issue that has worked for several people. Open up the winv2.cfg file (in your game directory) in notepad and you'll see resolution settings set at 320 and 240. Ideally you should change this to 640 and 480 for this case, but this never seemed to work. Check the reolution settings your monitor supports by right-clicking the desktop, going to properties, then clicking on the settings tab. Try plugging in these values until something works. 720x480 seemed to work for a few people. After the two puzzle rooms, switch back to 320x240. There is one scene later in the game (in the arena) that the resolution switches, although usually this change doesn't cause a crash. If it does, you can get around it the same way.
Also, you can try setting windowmode from 0 to 1- this doesn't work a lot but it has been known to once or twice.

Twilight Re-entry

In Act3, if you have found the way in, purchased a faster mount, and completed an optional quest, but the game still doesn't let you in, then you probably found a bug that occurs when you complete certain objectives before you decide to do them (at the meal). Download this patch which will let you in. Rename m.vrg in your game directory to m.vrgold and rename this patch file to m.vrg. You should be good to go.


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